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Integrated Marketing Solutions Bringing Campaigns to Life

Give us a call now on 01865 891 989 or drop us an email on

lynx dpm limited, 35 Monument Business Park, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, OX44 7RW

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01865 891 989 / Integrated Marketing Solutions Bringing Campaigns to Life


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Ensuring your direct mail ‘hits home’, we offer great design, visual impact, compelling copywriting, personalisation and a results-driven service - all part of our competitively-priced package.

If you’re looking to boost the profitability of your mailings or you simply need a reliable and efficient mailing house, talk to us.

From conception to distribution, we can offer a full DM package, alternatively, you can cherry pick the services you need to complement your in-house operation.

Data processing:

Accurate and up-to-data is the foundation of a successful mailshot. Businesses cannot afford to waste time, money and valuable resources so we make sure your data is on track.

As standard, we run thorough data checks to identify and rectify inconsistencies (for example addresses with missing information), reformat where necessary to suit Royal Mail's addressing requirements, join or split fields where required and check for a valid postcode and post town.

In addition, we offer de-duplication, PAF address validation, address suppression (for goneaways/deceased) and mail sort services for reduced postage costs.


Your customers expect a personal approach and making the extra effort to address someone as an individual can dramatically improve success rates.

Personalisation can take a number of creative forms such as adding the name of the recipient in a dramatic strapline across the front of the envelope or add the name of your local company representative to the mailing which can differ according to the recipient’s location.

Your database is your goldmine and chances are it contains valuable information which you can use to personalise your mailings further and boost your DM’s responses. For example, you could appeal directly to your customers who are golf enthusiasts or tailor your message to your wine lovers.

Talk to us today and we’ll help you devise campaigns which are truly personal.


Envelope printing:

Customised and eye-catching envelopes maximise the potential of your mailing being noticed the moment it lands on the doormat.

Tap into our expertise to make your mailings standout. We have the technology to print full colour envelopes on a variety of paper stocks incorporating your designs no matter how weird, whacky or colourful. 

We can also incorporate information from your address list onto the envelope to provide a personalised message to the recipient.


Our high volume enclosing service, including inserts into envelopes or polythene, is fast, neat and reliable.

We will manage packaging and distribution of a range of promotional items including T-shirts, mugs and other branded merchandise.

We can tailor our service to your requirements and we’re renowned for our flexibility and ability to provide solutions for practically any request.

Postage savings:

Often the biggest expense of any mailing is the postage but our mail sort service means we can reduce this overhead.

Royal Mail offers discounts for bulk mailings and for mailings for advertising purposes which we harness for your benefit as well as enjoying partnerships with alternative carriers that can offer even greater discounts!

Whatever you are sending, trust us to find the most appropriate and cost-effective service for your mailing, we think you might be surprised by the savings that can be made.

Quirky mailings:

We handle ‘quirky’ mailings for clients who want to ensure something a little different is handled with care and arrives safely.

We love those mailings because, quite simply, they are different. It brightens our day to send so we can only imagine the delight of the recipients. Our unique mailings include:-

  • Hand-crafted music boxes for a Royal occasion which needed bespoke packaging and mailing first class
  • 1,000 toy cars in company livery delivered to Germany post haste
  • Rhinoceros-shaped hats delivered to London Zoo by 2pm the next day

The weird and wonderful is right up our street!